Sitecore publishing

Site publish

  • A "site publish" is what we do every day at 5 p.m. This combs our content editing database for changes we've approved through workflow and makes sure those changes appear for the public.
  • When you initiate a site publish, you usually have to pick targets (see below).
  • A site publish will publish content from both Priority Health and Spectrum Health content that is approved. Because it crawls both sites, a site publish takes about two hours to complete.

Sharing publishing responsibilities with Spectrum Health

  • Because a site publish includes both websites, we've set up a schedule to share publishing duties with the Spectrum Health digital marketing team. We take turns publishing at 5 p.m. each week. Kali created the publishing calendar and can share it with anyone who needs it.
  • To give editors enough time to review and approve submissions before 5 p.m., all changes must be submitted by 4:30 p.m. Anything submitted after 4:30 is not guaranteed to publish the same day.

Starting a site publish

From the desktop view:

  1. Click the red Sitecore logo in the bottom left corner.
  2. Click Publish Site.
  3. Select appropriate targets.
  4. Click Publish.

From content editor:

  1. Select the Publish tab in the editing ribbon.
  2. Click Publish and select Publish site.
  3. Select appropriate targets.
  4. Click Publish.

Publish item

  • "Publish item" lets you publish one content item (component, file or page) and its child items (if applicable). This works for quick publishes outside the daily publish to fix major errors or accommodate breaking news.
  • You still need to select publishing targets when you do a publish item. Make sure they're the same targets you choose for a site publish.
  • We only do item publishes for emergency fixes or urgent updates. Every time we publish, Sitecore re-indexes, which can slow down site performance for our users. Too many item publishes = bad user experience.

Starting an item publish

Make sure the page or item isn't in draft status before you try to publish. All items need to be in an approved state. 

In content editor:

  1. Make sure you're on the page or component you want published
  2. Select the Publish tab in the editing ribbon.
  3. Click Publish and select Publish item.
  4. Select appropriate targets.
  5. Click Publish.

In Experience Editor:

  1. Click Publish in the editing ribbon.
  2. Select the appropriate targets.
  3. Click Publish.

Publishing targets

"Targets" are the environments that you tell Sitecore to publish to. Here are what we have:

  • prod1 - This is one production environment. It can be final production or serve as a "staging" spot when we do code rollouts.
  • prod2 - The other production environment. It can be final production or serve as a "staging" spot when we do code rollouts.
  • DR - This is disaster recovery, our backup in case the main site goes down.

Note: During a rollout, we push the code to prod1 or prod2 (whichever isn't currently active), do testing to make sure that code rolled correctly, then do a swap so that environment becomes active and the other one becomes the "draft." We'll roll the same code to the "other prod" after we know it's good to make sure both production environments are up-to-date. VAA or the project team will let us know which targets to publish to after a project or when publishing targets change.