Press releases

Follow these steps to post a press release on

Log in

  1. Type in the URL to the website:
  2. Login using you PH Employee username and password (Ex. Username: JOE1234 password: 1234567)

Inputting the release into the system

  1. From the home screen click Content Editor
  2. press release content editor

  3. Click Content > Priority Health (down arrow) > Home > About us > For the media > New releases
  4. press release ce

  5. Right click on News releases and click XEditor
  6. Next click Insert Page and select the option Main and Aside Page

Name the news release and click OK. Shorten the name of the headline. This creates a shorter URL (ie. Keywords "Priority Health program success). Because this creates a URL, do not use an &, . (period), or / in the title.

After clicking OK, you will be directed to your new page.

  1. To change the title of the page, click on the words. You can type right in this field (you'll have to delete the default text).

edit title

  1. Next add content of release in the section that reads "Content of page". Once again, click on the box and then click the editing pencil on the far left.
  2. Copy Word doc, except the boiler plate
  3. Paste into window in plain text. Use the second icon clipboard, click Paste
  4. Fix quotations, commas or paragraphs. Retype any dashes (-), commas (,) and quotes (" ").
  5. If you have any citations that belong on the bottom of the page, you can add a separate rich text field below the boiler plate.

Add links

Identify any area that needs a hyperlink. Highlight the text you want as a hyperlink, and determine if it's an external or internal link

  1. Internal link: Items found within the PH website. Use the hyperlink icon with the plus sign. Find your page or document and click, Insert.
  2. internal link

  3. External link: Items that direct away from the website. Use the hyperlink icon with the oval filled in.
  4. external linkPaste the URL into the field

    1. Target - New window
    2. Tooltip - type in: "Link opens in new window"
    3. Click OK
  5. Click Accept
  6. Click Save and Close

Add Boiler plate

  1. Click Component in the top, left-hand of the tab bar
  2. Go to bottom of the page where you want to place the boiler plate and click Add here
  3. Select Rich Text Field (at the bottom of the list)
  4. Under the "For the media rtfs" folder, Select For the media About PH rtf, click OK

Add Citations/Footnotes

If your news release has a citation or footnote, refer to the user guide.

Add our plans

  1. Click grey and white checker board area to the top right of the page
  2. left gray box

  3. Click Add here
  4. Select User path 4 grouping, click Select
  5. Select our plan types indie medicare medicaid employer 4 path grouping
  6. Click OK
  7. Click Save at the top left of the screen

Submit for review

Once you have completed editing your news release, you can start to submit the release for review and publishing.

  1. Most important step: UNLOCK ITEMS. Click Unlock all
  2. unlock items

  3. At the top of the page there will be a blue banner with Submit for Review in bold and underlined. Click Submit for Review
  4. submit for review

  5. Enter a comment into the box that says, "NR is ready to publish. All components are unlocked."
  6. Click OK

Add new press release to "News releases" page

  1. Go to the "Content Editor" tab, then right click on News releases, and click XEditor
  2. press releases content editor tab

  3. Click on the content box, and then click the Editing Pencil on the far left
  4. press releases editing pencil

  5. Press Enter, then the "up arrow" and start typing in your title
  6. Press Enter and type in your intro. Refrain from copying and pasting. 
  7. Press Enter and type "Read more"
  8. Highlight "Read more", then click the icon for internal links as mentioned above
  9. Find the news release you just created (Priority Health > Home > About us > For the media > New releases > your article)
  10. Click Insert
  11. Click Accept
  12. Click Save
  13. Go to the blue banner at the top and click Submit for Review
  14. Type in that you've added a new release to the page, then click OK