Collecting chlamydia urine samples

Ordering test kits

You can order quantities of 50, 100, or specify the number you need.

The collection tubes have expiration dates, so order no more than the number of kits you will use in a 3-month period.

The cost of the kits is included in the testing fee, so you pay nothing.

It will take up to 10 days for you to receive your kits.

Sample collection instructions

Tests should be done at your office. If a test is done at a patient's home, contaminants could get into the sample container requiring retesting due to indeterminate results. Or too large a volume (only 20 - 30 ml is needed) could be collected, diluting the sample and decreasing sensitivity.

Urine samples don't require a clean catch; however, your patient must not urinate for 60 minutes prior to collection.

Print out [PDF] detailed instructions for collecting the samples.

Sending samples to the lab

Samples have a 30-day limit. They may be refrigerated.

Send in samples:

  • By dropping off at your regional health department laboratory
  • By mail in the USPS-approved packaging included in the urine test kits (up to 5 vials per package)
  • By courier in biohazard-safe container (triple packaging is not required)