MyPriority Spectrum Health Partners plans

For Kent County residents only.

These four narrow network plans require you to receive care in the Spectrum Health system of doctors and hospitals and their affiliated clinics, outpatient facilities, labs, etc. Care received outside of the Spectrum Health Partners network will not be covered.

Why choose this network option?

Our narrow network has one of the lowest premiums and gives you access to quality care at one of the nation's top 15 hospital systems.

Choose a plan design & metal level to see plan benefits

Plan designs help you choose a plan based on your personal health needs.

  • RxPlus gives you immediate access to office visits including specialists and urgent care, as well as generic prescriptions, before deductible.
  • Holistic gives you access to medically necessary massage & acupuncture, as well as free virtual visits and cash rewards for being active.
  • HSA comes with generally lower premiums, paired with a higher deductible and a tax-free savings account used to pay for health care costs.

Metal levels indicate overall costs (deductible, coinsurance, etc). These metal levels are available with Spectrum Health Partners:

  • Bronze – you pay less monthly premium, but more out-of-pocket costs at the time of service
  • Silver – good balance of premium and out-of-pocket costs

Reasons to love Spectrum Health Partners plans

  • Calculator

    Know the cost of care before you receive it with Cost Estimator.

  • Sentiscope

    Lowest premium with access to high-quality care

  • Virtual visit

    Virtual visits – see a doctor 24/7 on the phone or online

  • Globe

    24/7 global emergency services with Assist America®

  • Member card

    Earn cash back with Member Perks