MyPriority RxPlus Silver Bronson Healthcare Partners

Our MyPriority® RxPlus plans are designed for people who want the best coverage for their money or may be transitioning from employer-provided insurance to buying direct. You get immediate, affordable access to in-network office visits, including specialists and generic drugs, before you meet your annual deductible.

What is Bronson Healthcare Partners?

This plan uses a narrow network available only to those who live in Kalamazoo County and areas of Van Buren and Calhoun counties. Care received outside of the Bronson Healthcare Partners network will not be covered and members will be required to cover the full cost of out-of-network care. This narrow network plan allows you to enjoy a lower monthly premium and have access to quality care. You'll need prior authorization from us to be covered for care in our full HMO network. 

Highlights of what you get

  • $20 in-network office visits – Any combination of up to four specialist, family doctor or urgent care visits in-network before deductible, including related non-surgical services (like X-rays, labs, etc.)
  • Prescription drugs - $5 preferred generic drugs or $10 generics before deductible
  • Free preventive care – Routine in-network care like well-child visits, flu shots, and annual exams at no cost
  • Global emergency assistance – If you become ill or injured while traveling more than 100 miles from home our partner, Assist America, can help you get care and even arrange your travel back home safely
  • Optional dental coverage -Two plans to choose from, both include annual exams and cleanings

More about MyPrioritySilver RxPlus Bronson Healthcare Partners


Bronson Healthcare Partners

You must receive care in the Bronson Healthcare system of doctors and hospitals and their affiliated clinics, outpatient facilities, labs, etc. Care received outside of the Bronson Healthcare Partners network will not be covered and members will be required to cover the full cost of out-of-network care.

Emergency services are covered at the in-network level. Use our Find a Doctor online directory to see if your doctor is in the Bronson Healthcare Partners network.

Metal level


The metal level determines how you and your plan share the costs of care. Silver means your health plan pays 70% (on average) and you pay about 30%.



This is the amount you pay for covered in-network health care services before Priority Health begins to pay.


Plan pays
You pay

This is the amount you pay in-network, after deductible. Preventive health services are covered at 100%.

Out-of-pocket limit


The most you pay during a policy period (usually a year) before Priority Health begins to pay 100% of the allowed amount. This includes your copayments, deductibles and coinsurance payments. This limit does not include your monthly premium.

Office visits

$20 copayment
Primary doctor, specialist, urgent care

$20 copayment first 4 in-network visits a year including onsite labs and imaging. Deductible applies after first four any office visits, then coinsurance.

Free preventive care

$0 copayment

Routine care helps keep you and your family healthy. That's why we cover preventive care like well-child visits, flu shots and annual exams at no cost. See our Preventive Health Care Guidelines for a list of in-network covered preventive services.

Emergency services

$250 copayment
After deductible, waived if admitted

Diagnostic tests, X-rays, lab services and radiology services


Deductible applies after the first four of any in-network office visits.

Virtual visits

30% coinsurance
After deductible
Get 24/7 access to an in-network doctor via the phone or web.

Preferred generics and generic drugs

$5 or $10 copayment
Before deductible

The features and benefits explained in this section are intended to give you an overview of your coverage and do not include or explain every detail of what is and is not covered. Please refer to the Summary of Benefits and Coverage.