MyPriority HSA Bronson Healthcare Partners

Our MyPriority® HSA health plan is an affordable choice if you're generally healthy and savings-minded and want a plan that is paired with the advantages of a health savings account (HSA)*. Your HSA will help pay for medical expenses, is eligible for federal tax advantages and any unused money automatically rolls over from year to year. Keep in mind you pay 100% of the cost of your health care out of your pocket until you meet your deductible.

We provide a free banking partner, HealthEquity®, that seamlessly sets up and helps you manage your HSA banking account.

What is Bronson Healthcare Partners?

This plan uses a narrow network available only to those who live in Kalamazoo County and areas of Van Buren and Calhoun counties. Care received outside of the Bronson Healthcare Partners network will not be covered and members will be required to cover the full cost of out-of-network care. This narrow network plan allows you to enjoy a lower monthly premium and have access to quality care. You'll need prior authorization from us to be covered for care in our full HMO network. 

Highlights of what you get

  • FREE preventive care – Routine care like well-child visits, flu shots and annual exams at no cost.
  • Prescription drug coverage – After deductible is met
  • Global emergency assistance– If you become ill or injured while traveling more than 100 miles from home, our partner, Assist America, can help get you get care and even arrange your travel back home safely.
  • No referral needed – Our plans don't require a referral to see a specialist
  • Optional dental coverageTwo plans to choose from, both include annual exams and cleanings

*Note: Individuals who receive a federal cost-sharing reduction (including zero cost sharing or limited cost sharing options) are not eligible to contribute to an HSA or claim tax savings because the plan's deductible is reduced below the federal minimum for HSA-qualified plans.

Reasons to love Bronson Healthcare Partners plans

  • Sentiscope

    Lowest premium with access to high-quality in-network care

  • Virtual visit

    Virtual visits – see an in-network doctor 24/7 on the phone or online

  • Globe

    24/7 global emergency services with Assist America®

  • Member card

    Earn cash back with Member Perks