PriorityAssure plans

You may not always need to use your health insurance. But when you do, you want the assurance that you have coverage if or when a health crisis arises.

New for 2018, PriorityAssure® is designed to provide affordable access to basic services like doctor’s visits, urgent care and prescription coverage ahead of deductible, while also providing coverage for more serious health events.

PriorityAssure offers (before deductible):

  • $30 primary care and urgent care visits
  • $5 prescription payments on preferred generic drugs 
  • $0 in-network virtual care beginning 2018 

PPO plans

PriorityPPOSM offers employees the greatest freedom of choice by providing in-network and out-of-network options. Employers reap the benefits of a low-cost health care plan, while employees can choose to see Priority Health network providers and pay less or visit non-network doctors or hospitals and pay more.

  • PriorityAssure PPO 7350

    $7,350 individual, $14,700 family

    Employee pays 0%

    Out-of-pocket limit: $7,350 individual, $14,700 family

    Primary / specialist / urgent care:
    $30 / 0% coinsurance / $30