Integrated copay plans

Our integrated copay plans offer rich benefits to keep employees happy, while giving you the flexibility and features to keep your business healthy. Best of all, your employees get coverage before deductible for routine services such as doctor visits and generic prescription drugs. We were the first in the market to recognize the need for this type of plan, and we're still only one of two carriers offering it.

Ideal solution if:
You have a healthier employer population and still want some traditional coverage but with more cost savings.

Select the right network for your employees

HMO plans

PriorityHMOSM is our most popular health coverage option. It emphasizes health and wellness while managing medical costs, ensuring employees receive all the services they need, but none that are unnecessary. Members can go to any specialist in our network without a referral (but PCPs can coordinate medical care to help keep out-of-pocket costs low).

POS plans

PriorityPOSSM plan benefits employers who are looking for the flexibility of traditional health plan but need the cost savings of managed care. In this plan, we offer our same extensive provider network. Employees can choose an in-network primary care physician (PCP) and receive full benefits. Employees can also seek care outside the network without a referral, but must pay more for out-of-pocket expenses.

PPO plans

PriorityPPOSM offers employees the greatest freedom of choice by providing in-network and out-of-network options. Employers reap the benefits of a low-cost health care plan, while employees can choose to see Priority Health network providers and pay less or visit non-network doctors or hospitals and pay more.