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In a gym? On the road? In a pool?

If any of these places are a part of your weekly routine or if you want to start on a path to better health, we have a club for you! 

Become a Team Priority Health Champion and join members around the state who are equally passionate about their health AND who are willing to share their story to inspire others.

Our Team Priority Health Champions are actively involved in the community through numerous events, such as running, biking, swimming and even Zumba. Plus, they serve as a support system for other fellow Champions through race cheering and/or through blog posts they share on

Regardless if you’re an ultra-marathoner or someone that simply wants to start being healthy, we want YOU to be a Team Priority Health Champion! You'll also get discounts on local races and events, access to wellness workshops, a free t-shirt, and earn points throughout the year to cash in for gear.

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