Your member ID card

 front of PHCS member ID card

  1. Contract number: Your member ID number is unique to you.
  2. Name: Your first and last name is listed on your card.
  3. Group # and name: Your group number is specific to your plan type or employer.
  4. Health plan: The name of your plan
  5. Dependents: Any dependents on your plan, like a child or spouse, are found here.
  6. back of PHCS member ID card

  7. Customer Service Helpline: If you have any questions, call this number to reach an expert in your plan.
  8. Members: Call this number to reach our behavioral health team.
  9. Pre-authorization: Some medical services require your provider to request prior approval from your health plan.
  10. Submit medical claims: This information is meant for your provider. Whenever you receive care, make sure your doctor has your health insurance information. This is information they need to know.
  11. PHCS/Multiplan logo: You’ll see a PHCS/Multiplan logo on either the front or the back of your card. This is because you can access the PHCS/Multiplan provider network if you need to receive care when you are outside the state of Michigan. The type of care you have access to depends on your plan type. Check your plan documents for details.