2016 Priority Health Medicare plan changes

September 22, 2015

This year, we give you three ways to learn about what's changing for 2016.

1. See a summary chart online

Click on your plan to see a chart comparing 2015 in-network coverage to 2016.

2. Read your ANOC

Each fall, we publish an "Annual Notice of Changes" (ANOC) booklet that begins with a summary of how our Medicare Advantage costs and benefits are changing for the next year. It also includes the complete Evidence of Coverage (EOC) for 2016, so you can see everything that your plan will cover. You'll find a link to your ANOC on your plan page. Just click any plan name, above.

3. Talk to an expert

We have experts who can help you. You can:

  • Drop in to one of our Medicare Information Centers
  • NEW! Register to attend a members-only 2016 plan information meeting in the Holland and Grand Rapids areas.

To keep your current plan

To keep the plan you have now through 2016 you don't have do anything. You will automatically stay enrolled as a member of that plan.

Want to switch to a different plan?

To switch to a different Priority Health Medicare plan, or to another insurance company's plan, or back to Original Medicare (Parts A & B) only, you just need to enroll in the new plan between October 15 and December 7, 2015. You don't need to notify your 2015 plan that you're switching for 2016.