PriorityMedicare KeySM 2018 annual changes

Scroll down to find everything you need to know about your PriorityMedicare Key (HMO-POS) plan for 2018:

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  • Drug coverage
  • Information about how to renew your plan.

Your 2018 plan documents

Common benefits comparison

In-network benefit 2017 2018
Premium $0 $0
Medical deductible $325 $285
Maximum out-of-pocket responsibility $4,200 $4,200
Doctor visits  

Primary care physician: $0-$20

Specialist visit $0-$45

Primary care physician: $0-$20

Specialist visit $0-$45

Part D prescription drug deductible


Tiers 1 - 2: $0

Tiers 3 - 5: $150

This information is not a complete description of benefits. Contact the plan for more information. Limitations, deductibles copayments, restrictions and exclusions may apply. Benefits, premium and or copayments/coinsurance may change on Jan. 1 of each year.

2017 doctor/provider and pharmacy networks

Save money when you use the Priority Health Medicare network of doctors, labs, equipment rental businesses and other health care providers. Search it online by name, ZIP code, city, or other options. Or page through the print version.

Search the online Find a Doctor tool.

New for 2017 - Members in most plans can take advantage of preferred pharmacy pricing. Review the preferred pharmacy list.

Regional provider and pharmacy directories coming soon.

2017 drug coverage

Our MAPD (Medicare Advantage + Prescription Drug) plans cover both Medicare Part B and Medicare Part D prescription drugs.

How to renew your plan

To keep your current plan

To keep the plan you have now through 2017 you don't have do anything. You will automatically stay enrolled as a member of that plan.

How to switch to a different plan

To switch to a different Priority Health Medicare plan, or to another insurance company's plan, or back to Original Medicare (Parts A & B) only, you just need to enroll in the new plan between Oct. 15 and Dec. 7, 2016. You don't need to notify your 2016 plan that you're switching for 2017.