Get started using your Priority Health benefits

First, set up your MyHealth account

MyHealth gives you access to your health information in one convenient place. From renewing prescriptions to scheduling a virtual doctor visit and even checking the price of health care services, MyHealth puts you in control.


Download the MyHealth app on the App Store or Google Play to have on-the-go access to all the information you need.

How to use your plan

Find your doctor

Select a primary care provider (PCP) and search our network of doctors and hospitals.

Find doctors

If you are from the Lansing area, Sparrow Physicians Health Network provider are also in your participating network.

Find Sparrow doctors

Stay in-network

Your plan is an HMO, which means you must get care from providers who are contracted with your Priority Health plan.

See specialists without asking us first

Remember that Priority Health doesn't need to give you permission to see a specialist. It's true, though, that some specialists will want a referral from your PCP before they book an appointment with you.

Are your drugs covered?

Search our Approved Drug List.

Access your (free) customizable Wellbeing Hub

We’re the first in Michigan to introduce an all new customizable health and well-being experience. We’re here to help you improve or maintain your health with information, tools, programs and activities that are important to you. Need support with weight loss, quitting tobacco, stress and financial management or managing a condition management?

To get started: Log in to your MyHealth account, choose the Wellness tile and sign up.

Log in to MyHealth

Note: The Wellbeing Hub is available at no cost to all commercial and Medicare members as part of their health plan starting in fall 2017 and rolling out throughout 2018.

Tax information

View important tax information for your plan, learn more and view forms here.

Quick start guide 

For more information on how to get started using your benefits check out our FEHB quick start guide.