Choices and options: let's create a plan for you

We’re working more closely with employers, offering options to achieve the results they expect and demand in today’s competitive markets.

Whether this is your first time choosing a health plan, or you’re a veteran at this, there are four things to consider when choosing the right plan for your company.

How should you fund your plan?

The decision about funding is about how you want to pay for the cost of your claims, and how risk-tolerant your company is for fluctuating costs.

  • Fully funded plans are more expensive, but offer the most stability.
  • Level-funded plans offer potentially lower costs with added stability.
  • Self-funded plans can be the most cost-effective, but have the highest financial risk.

What plan is best for your employees?

We contract with providers and medical facilities to provide care for members at reduced costs. Choose from our plans based on what is ideal for your workforce population and work culture.

  • HMO plans have lower costs with limited coverage outside the plan’s network of participating providers.
  • POS plans have a similar network to the HMO, but with more coverage for services outside of network.
  • PPO plans are typically more expensive but offer the most flexibility to receive services by care providers regardless of network participation.

What plan design provides the features that meet your employees’ needs?

Every Priority Health plan is carefully designed with a specific set of needs in mind. We can help you decide on the exact combination of plan features that benefit you and your employees best.

What other products make sense to add to your plan?

We know that it’s a competitive market and attracting and retaining top talent requires more and more these days. Prescription drug, dental, vision and wellness coverage are just some of the ways you can address employee appetite for additional health and wellbeing benefits.