As a Champion, you can earn gear based on participation. The more active you are, the more gear you are able to earn! Each activity you submit provides opportunity to get free merchandise from the Champions store. 

Champions can also be reimbursed for event fees up to $50. Events do not have to be sponsored by Priority Health, but they do need to be organized sporting events open to the public and charging a registration fee.

Note: All new Champions will receive a free t-shirt.

You can always purchase gear on the Champions store. You don't have to wait until you've accumulated enough gift cards.

How to get rewarded  

Participate in an event

An event qualifies for rewards if it has a registration process, charges an entry fee and is open to the public (such as a 5k, triathlon, biking event, etc.). Events that would not qualify include: spin class, casual running group with friends, high school sports, etc.

A series or a weekend-long event would also be considered an organized sporting event and could be submitted through the activity submission link.  

To add an event to the calendar: Email Angie with event details.

Check out the calendar

Submit activities

You must submit your own activities. We've created an online link to help you out. 

Submit an activity 

Earn gear

Each time you submit an activity using our online form, you'll automatically be entered to win gear, gift cards and much more. The more you submit, the more times you'll be entered to win.

You can also earn gift cards and giveaways by:

  • Referring someone to the program. Make sure they use your full name as a referral when signing up. You will be issued a $5 gift card for every person you refer.
  • Being chosen as the month's featured Champion. As a featured Champion you must submit your story and be chosen for the featured article. The featured Champion will receive a $20 gift card to the Champions store.
  • Engaging with the Champions monthly newsletter
  • Engaging within the Champions private Facebook page 

NOTE: If you win a gift card, we'll email you a gift card code.

Shop the store 

Race reimbursement

Champions will be reimbursed up to $50 in race fees to use toward the Champions store. To be reimbursed, email Ann Vidro with this information to get a discount code:

  • An attached email of your race receipt(s)
  • The name, date and cost of the race(s) you need reimbursement for