As a Champion, you can earn points based on participation. The more active you are, the more points you earn! All points are redeemable for merchandise on the Champions store.

Champions can also be reimbursed for event fees up to $75. Events do not have to be sponsored by Priority Health, but they do need to be organized sporting events open to the public and charging a registration fee.

Note: All new Champions will receive a free t-shirt. Returning champions who achieved 5,000 or more points in the previous year will also receive a free t-shirt for the current year.

You can always purchase gear on the Champions store. You don't have to wait until you've accumulated points.

Point value is $1 per 100 points. 1,000 points = $10.

2,000-point activities

Earn 2,000 points each time you: 

  • Participate in a media activity requested by Priority Health such as commercial, video or other media spot.

1,000-point activities

Earn 1,000 points each time you:

  • Participate in a Priority Health sponsored event while wearing Priority Health apparel See events
  • Volunteer at a Priority Health sponsored event while wearing Priority Health apparel See events
  • Commit to self-paced physical exercise at least 3 hours/week for 12 consecutive weeks (this can be earned 4 times a year) 
  • Have a story published in ThinkHealth, Priority Health's digital magazine
  • Attend a Champions workshop or orientation meeting

750-point activities

Earn 750 points each time you:

  • Participate at an event not sponsored by Priority Health while wearing Priority Health apparel 
  • Volunteer at an event not sponsored by Priority Health while wearing Priority Health apparel

500-point activities

Earn 500 points each time you: 

  • Complete a Champions survey
  • Participate in a featured event (different from sponsored events, these are events we invite you to and are free to participate in, like a special Zumba event)
  • Submit your story for ThinkHealth or another Priority Health publication
  • Refer someone to the Champions program

250-point activities

Earn 250 points each time you: 

  • Post a photo of yourself wearing Priority Health apparel to your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram accounts with the hashtag #priorityhealthchampions (cross-posting is not eligible for more than 250 points)
  • Share tips, stories or inspiration by posting to the private Champions Facebook group

Help with points  

What qualifies as an event?

An event qualifies if it has a registration process, charges an entry fee and is open to the public (such as a 5k, triathlon, biking event, etc.). Events that would not qualify include: spin class, casual running group with friends, high school sports, etc.

A series or a weekend-long event would also be considered an organized sporting event and count toward points.

Reminder: Priority Health sponsored events are worth more reward points. They're marked with asterisks in the calendar and are added to the calendar as they come up. Watch the monthly emails for these events.

To add an event to the calendar: Email Angie with event details.

Check out the calendar

Tracking points

You must track your own points. We've created a spreadsheet to help you out. 

Download spreadsheet

Redeeming points  

Use your points to purchase items on the Champions store. You can redeem points in increments of 500. When you're ready to redeem or receive the race reimbursement, email Ann Vidro with this information to get a discount code:

  • How/when you earned your points
  • Point total (has to be at least 500)

You will receive a code to use at checkout.

Shop the store 

Race reimbursement

Champions will be reimbursed up to $75 in race fees to use toward the Champions store. To be reimbursed, email Ann Vidro with this information to get a discount code:

  • An attached email of your race receipt(s)
  • The name, date and cost of the race(s) you need reimbursement for

Grand prize

Once you earn 10,000 points, we'll place you into a drawing for a weekend getaway to northern Michigan.