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HealthbyChoice: A wellness plan proven to lower employer costs

In a new five-year study, Priority Health has proven that its hybrid health plan featuring wellness incentives has successfully lowered employer costs and improved employee health, a win-win development for small and large business owners alike.

Learn more about this plan, which we call HealthbyChoice®.

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PriorityRewards: It now pays to shop for health care.

When making a major purchase, 66 percent of people shop online and spend an average of 80 days gathering information before committing. Why should shopping for a health care procedure be any different? The price of procedures may vary by hundreds, even thousands, depending on the facility. Knowing the cost of care and where to receive it could save consumers thousands and put a Visa® gift card in their pocket. PriorityRewards is an incentive program that rewards people up to $200 for choosing a fair-priced medical procedure through the company's cost estimating tool.

Earlier this year, Priority Health released the Cost Estimator tool to help members estimate out-of-pocket costs based on their health plan and deductible. The tool can be accessed in the Member Center and the mobile app. PriorityRewards combines the power of the Cost Estimator with financial incentives to engage members in their health care.

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PriorityRewards reward card iPad showing Cost Estimator

Cost Estimator: What you'll pay out of your pocket

Knowing the cost before your care could save you thousands. That's because different facilities charge different prices for the same procedure, which means you could be overpaying for care. After all, you wouldn't book a vacation without first knowing the cost. Shouldn't the same apply to your health care?

Priority Health's newest tool, the Cost Estimator, combines doctor and facility pricing information with your personal benefit and deductible balances to give a close estimate of your out-of-pocket costs. Giving you a say in how you spend you health dollars.

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Hip replacement in East Michigan

Colonoscopy in East Michigan

Knee replacement in West Michigan

ACL surgery in West Michigan


Cost Estimator search results  Cost Estimator facility listing  Cost Estimator cost estimate

Healthcare Bluebook: Price. Quality. Patient ratings.

A house. A car. A new computer. What do they all have in common? They range in cost and quality, which makes it important to shop around, compare prices and read reviews. Shouldn't you be able to do the same for health care services? We think so. The Healthcare Bluebook tool from Priority Health makes health care comparison shopping easy by showing a range of prices, along with what is considered a Fair Price, for more than 200 common procedures, including surgery, labs and imaging tests. The price ranges displayed come directly from what providers in the Priority Health network charge for the procedures.

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White paper

Educational piece entitled "Engaging people as health care consumers" outlining what it means to comparison shop for health care services. Read the white paper (PDF).