About us

We are Michigan's fastest growing health plan. Why?

We approach health care differently. While most insurance companies focus on processing claims, we work closely with our customers to ensure they receive the right care, at the right time, in the right place.

We were created nearly 30 years ago by a group of physicians and hospitals who wanted to ensure that the community they served could afford access to quality care.

As a non-profit health plan we operate efficiently on behalf of our customers. We spend 90 cents of every dollar on our customers' medical care. There aren't many health plans that can say that.

We're leading the industry with our work to pull back the curtain on health care costs with one-of-a-kind tools to help our customers shop for health care. For instance, we recently launched a Cost Estimator tool that helps members explore their pricing options before they get care.

And with the newly released PriorityRewards program, Priority Health is offering cash incentives for many customers willing to explore their options.

Our hard work is being recognized

We have a long history of providing progressive products and smart programs that keep health care costs down and our community healthy.

  • First in the industry to reward physicians for quality care
  • Leading the industry in revealing health care costs
  • 9 out of 10 people would recommend Priority Health to family or friends

We are improving the health and lives of our community

From the myriad of health and chronic disease management support our team provides to our customers - to the wealth of resources we provide our community - we strive to improve the health and lives of communities in which we live and work.

A great example of this work can be seen through our award-winning diabetes management program - which provides our customers with free diabetes prevention classes. Members of this program have seen incredible results - including increased activity and weight loss.

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We also launched a statewide program with local pharmacies including Walgreens, Meijer, Rite Aid - that offer customers free medication reviews. By taking a look at medications, pharmacists help our customers determine if they have duplications or interactions to be concerned with and much more. It not only ensures their safety, it also helps our customers save a lot of money each month.

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Priority Health also launched a program to support individuals looking to improve their health and share their story. Open to anyone, the Priority Health Champions has become a support network for active individuals. The program not only provides the perk of being part of a growing team attending events across Michigan it also offers incentives like free gear and race entries to keep everyone inspired and moving.

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