Cost Estimator shows you health care costs in advance

Would you drive five minutes to save $2,000?

Prices can vary widely for the same health care service, depending on the hospital or surgery center you choose. You could save a lot by shopping a little. But how do you comparison-shop for X-rays, surgeries and lab tests?

Cost Estimator: See what you'd pay today

The Priority Health Cost Estimator tool lets you look up what you'd pay out of your pocket for more than 300 health care procedures - X-rays, MRIs, lab tests, surgeries. You can see how your health care decisions will impact your bottom line.

It's easy. Just log in to your MyHealth account and click Cost Estimator. Then:

  1. Search for the procedure, like "knee arthroscopy."
  2. Choose a doctor and a facility - Cost Estimator shows you providers in your plan's network.
  3. Get a cost estimate based on your current deductible balance, your copays and your coinsurance.
  4. If the doctor/facility choice you make is on the high end, Cost Estimator will suggest less expensive options for you.