Getting health care using your PriorityHMO plan

Make the most of your PriorityHMOSM health plan. Save money, save paperwork, get the information you need.

Stay in your PriorityHMO provider network for lower costs 

Use the online Find a Doctor directory to find in-network doctors, hospitals, pharmacies and more 

Emergencies and urgent care - local, national, and worldwide 

Virtual visits with doctors 24/7, by phone or online (coming soon) 

Your primary care physician (PCP) - routine and preventive care (coming soon) 

Seeing specialists (coming soon) 

Hospitals and surgeries (coming soon)

When you need pre-approval

Getting your prescriptions filled

Mental health and substance abuse care (coming soon)

Getting help with chronic health problems (coming soon)

Asking us to change a coverage or payment decision (coming soon)